AC-apply is a property of armor type equipment.

Equipment that gives "armor by -X" exists, but players will mostly get their AC from armor equipment through AC-apply. It is important for beginning players and is still useful at higher levels.

The following paragraph is quoted from Nilgiri creation primer by Mobius.

The location of objects when they are of type armor also have an AC-multiplier. Objects of type armor have a value setting for how much is subtracted from the wearer's armor class. The AC-multipler is multipled by by the armor's value for a total number that is subtracted. For example, if the armor value is 3 and the AC-multiplier is 2, the total number that is subject from the wearer's armor class would be 6. However, if the armor value is 5 and the AC-multipler is 0, the overall number subtracted from the armor class is 0.

Table of AC-multiplier values

Position Multiplier
head 2
body 3
arms 1
hands 1
legs 2
feet 1
shield 4
all other positions 0

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