item reward: a gem-studded mythril flask

To make a jewelled flask, one needs a variety of components. However, before you can pray to the Goddess Mandessa, you must first sacrifice many offerings to her. The first of these sacrifices is a flask capable of holding a large quantity of liquid. One such flask, crafted from thick brown fur and protected by magical charms, is rumored to exist somewhere on Argoceania. A significant quantity of mithril needs to be gathered. It is the durability of the mithril that makes the flask able to withstand the test of time.

The next component can be found within the region where elementals rule, magic dust can be found. It is the workings of such magic that can change the essence of a liquid such as water to something far more intoxicating.

Next, a set of small shackles must be retrieved from a place beneath the rolling hills. These shall be forged into metal brackets, used to clamp the mithril to the flask.

The last set of components involve both decoration and materials that allow ease of gem setting. These gemstones are scattered throughout the realm must be gathered for the last part of the construction. An embedded amethyst, a fiery green emerald, and a pendant that glows like a midnight moon shall suffice. The green coils from a small dragon bracelet will be of much help to tie the gems to the exterior of the flask. If no green coils can be found, then some shaded straps can be used instead.

/* One flask per player, no exceptions. */